What will we do at the training?

We will clarify the psychological and biological systems of recruitment and weight retention. 
To understand where to look and what to do, you need to understand the weight gain system. Many in the head have a very simple scheme - everything that has eaten above some mysterious "norm", then everything will immediately be deposited in fat. If you spend a lot and persistently, the fat will burn. 
This is true. But only in part. That's why there are people with disabilities, old people, programmers, office workers - who move very little, but do not have excess weight. Do you think they eat so little that they do not gain weight? Many of them eat much more of you. At the same time, their weight remains at the same level. And there are those who eat very little, but their weight does not decrease, but also grows.

The head needs clarity and understanding and it finds an excuse. Heredity, hormonal failure, overeating, sedentary lifestyle. Do you feel how phrases are familiar? Are these your beliefs or just "everyone is talking about it" and now you are also justifying your lack of it?

These excuses calmed, but do not solve the problem at the root.

Now you have a choice: 
Either: You can continue to stay in the illusion. Hold on for excuses. This is also an adaptation and the ability to live in what is. And so you can. 
Or: It can be recognized that the subconscious has reasons to gain weight and consciously begin to clarify the true causes for themselves.

At the training we will put everything on the shelves. That in the head was a complete picture of what was happening. 
Below I will give some examples. They may not touch you now, but take place deep inside in a blocked form.

What we know and remember does not lead to changes in the body. 
Therefore, it is necessary to extract from the depths that which is not consciously. Because it is these things that hold weight. At the training I will explain why. 
During the training we will explore all possible causes 
and you will be able to discover your own deep conflicts and settle them. 
This will easily and without resistance restore weight.

We have two main ways to respond to stress. 
And one and the other can send signals to the body about the accumulation of "excess weight". 
But they are of completely different quality. 
You will be very surprised. Because you learn about yourself not at all what you expect. 
But this will explain a lot.

Take the test and find out which basic way of reaction makes your body gain weight and why.

The goal is to lose weight ...

In fact, it's not about losing weight. If the goal is to lose weight, then you have already achieved it. You lose weight all the time. 
Therefore, we clearly define the goal. And find out what prevented you still get the body that you really want to have. 
Do you think this is the wrong food, laziness, an inheritance? Maybe. But all this also has reasons. Do you agree? 
You can dream as much as you want and visualize yourself slim, but this will remain a dream. Because the subconscious believes that weight is vital. This could be affected by a short hit in the past in the situation where such a conclusion was drawn. Perhaps the circumstances are long safe, but the subconscious mind continues to hold back the old experience.

At the training we will find out what the subconscious "thinks" and how it "looks" at your goal. We resolve the conflict between a conscious goal and subconscious resistance in this goal to get. 

What makes you lose weight

If you want a sweet or to eat in the evening, then something deep inside makes you do it. 
If you took a figure from your family, for what purpose? What in your family says that you need to have weight? Perhaps this is not relevant for a long time, and you still perform the generic program and do not understand why.

If laziness, what is inside blocks energy? Activity and movement is a natural state. If it does not, then something resists and it has a reason. You just need to keep track of what exactly and solve it. This we will do during the training.

You can already write down everything that you notice about yourself now. We use this at the training and everything will become clear and will not look so inconclusive. 

Excess weight as protection

Both physiologically and psychologically, a layer of fat can protect. From injuries, from looks, from unwanted contacts. But understanding this will not change anything, while the subconscious mind keeps the trauma itself, which, most likely, has long been forgotten and is no longer relevant. What caused once to subconsciously decide that we need to defend ourselves? Everyone here has something of their own. And it is the understanding of your own experience that will allow you to turn off the program.

At the training we will track which team is still being sent to the body and causes the systems and organs to hold a certain layer of fat.

Overweight as stock

Our ancestors very often experienced shortages and losses. Our biology still remembers this and reserves, just in case, everything that can be useful in "hungry times". There was too little time left for these programs to be erased in the memory of the subconscious. The subconscious mind is reinsured and you probably store not only fat in the body, but also food, things, information, various trinkets that you might never need. Well, suddenly come in handy.

At the training we will remove all fears associated with stocks and warehousing. You will become adequate and balanced in acquisitions. This allows you to make the necessary supplies in the closet, and not in the body.

Excess weight spoils the exterior

Everyone around is talking and writing that you need to love yourself. How to do it, if you see something in the mirror that you do not like? 
We have to convince ourselves, "What are you bunting, what a queen." But inside, discontent with himself and with his appearance remains. 
In fact, anyone who loves himself does not think about it. They are comfortable in their body and they do not suffer from it. They have from "fu, what I am today" to "what a gorgeous" one wave of eyebrows. And you have this heavy swing from "yes like nothing, not so all and scary" to "how I hate this terrible belly." 
Do you feel the difference? And everything depends not on the appearance itself, but on the internal state in the first place. The stronger the dislike for your body, the stronger your body needs to close your appearance. And it means to swim with fat.

It's also important for us how people react to us, what emotions we cause from partners. And the more experiences about this, the more you need a layer of fat to hide your figure. Yes Yes! This is how the subconscious reacts when we feel uneasy before our fellow tribesmen. Biology is rushing to the rescue! Are not you happy ?!

At the training we will open this circle. When it becomes clear and understandable, why do you hide your slender waist under a layer of fat, this "why" can be turned off.

I'll be spiteful if I'm fat

Eh, the more people talk about losing weight and diets, the more I want to pretend that it does not concern me. Especially if the mother or husband hints, or openly say that it's time to take care of yourself. On the one hand, they are really right, but on the other, it beats them so much that they want to become even thicker. You can lose weight all around, and I will love myself as I am. 
How to deal with this internal raskolbas? 
After all, in fact, I want to see myself fit, but then it turns out that I will become slim for them. And they do not deserve it, they hurt me.

Often this is not realized. But there are people who unconsciously inhibit weight restoration. It's time to pull to the surface and stop impressing yourself that losing weight is only necessary for yourself. Because all these impulses do not understand the subconscious. If in the subconscious there is a trauma associated with another person, then your weight loss will depend on it, how not to twist. And you will be even more harmful.

To confess to yourself in this, putting your hand on the heart, is difficult. But together it is real and easy to do.

Attitude to food

Who does not face excess weight, they are relaxed, always know when to eat, when to stop. 
Who worries about a set of extra pounds, they have a special relationship with food - from love to hate. How to stop shaking this carousel and look at food as a meal, and not as a favorite enemy, without which it is impossible to live.

At the training we will remove the charge from this topic. Open your eyes to "proper nutrition" and return the link to the body, which knows what it really wants.

There are also psychological and biological conflicts that are prescribed in our system and constantly signal to the authorities about weight gain. As long as these signals are received, the body will follow these instructions clearly.

At the training we will consider all the main conflicts that lead to weight gain and each will find its own reasons. 

Listen to excerpts of work with the theme of excess weight. 
We do not have secrets from you. We share any information. 
Write, ask in the comments and in the group on Skype . 
But in order to practically get the result, you need to do specific actions. 
And you can do this only together at the training or individually with the coach. Come!

Excess body weight uses to adapt and protect very much in many cases. This is a kind of universal way of survival. 
Everyone has their own reasons for this. 
But there are general laws and rules by which this happens. And you will recognize them at our training.