Breaking free from extra pounds

Overweight is not a separate episode of your life.

It is a reflection of your life.

      When we realize that we have excess weight and don’t like our appearance, we start looking for ways to get back in shape. We diet, exercise, take supplements and so on.           

And all of it is great and it works!

But for some of us, unfortunately, it has only a temporary effect.

For a better, easier and lasting result

(although you should continue eating right and exercising),

            I invite you to take a look at your weight loss approach from a different point of view.

       Let’s assume that excess weight is caused by our mind, and it’s the body’s external expression (visible demonstration) of an internal state.

        Since everything in our life is connected, excess weight is always a reflection of issues in other areas and times in our life: it may be a result of what happened earlier in our life, past and present relationships, acceptance of oneself, health, career, life purpose, issues related to money,

and much more.

     Maybe when we overeat, feel lazy, have a sense of weak willpower, etc it's only our body’s resistance mechanism that is triggered to achieve the mind’s internal request.

   Practice shows that everyone has individual reasons for excess weight. It could be a need for self protection (getting bigger to survive), or lack of support or approval, or internal conflict (acute conflict between what you were taught in childhood and your own ideas about yourself and your desires), suffering after an unsuccessful relationship, stress …  and many other reasons.

                                          If this resonates with you - there is a solution!

   Together, we will figure out where the issues were initiated, which programs, negative emotions, feelings and unnecessary beliefs are negatively affecting your life, then we will sort them out and fix these issues, so they become irrelevant.

   In my experience, when inner conflicts are resolved, and resistance mechanisms, such as overeating,  are no longer triggered or needed, the pounds will come off and stay off.    

   And most importantly:

you become not only slimmer, but much happier in your life.