I use non-traditional techniques to help my clients resolve their issues and

reach their desired goals.

I have many methods that I use to help people, here are a few of them:

Metaphoric cards of association 

   When logical understanding, will and intention do not seem to help solve conflicts, a fresh point of view can help reach a new constructive solution.

   The metaphor, as the right hemisphere’s language, can shatter vicious circles of negative thought and behavioral and create a beneficial change.

   The metaphoric language created when working with cards enables you to “jump over” your defense mechanisms, which are based on routine, social conventions, etc.

The cards invite you to turn to latent resources of imagination to mobilize visual, sensual and intuitive modes of thinking.

Body/Somatic Psychology

   Body/Somatic Psychology – a form of psychological therapy that respects and utilizes the powerful and intricate connection between the person’s body and their mind.

   This type of therapeutic work is not just purely about the mind, or our thoughts, or our feelings, or our behaviors, or about ‘labels’, ‘diagnoses’, or ‘pathology’, but it is about something that is deeply rooted and felt within us, in our bodies, in our feelings, and also (sometimes) in our spirits.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

   NLP is a method of influencing brain behavior through the use of language and other types of communication to enable a person to "recode" the way the brain responds to stimuli and manifest new and better behaviors.

Gestalt therapy


Gestalt is therapy is a form of psychotherapy built on the experiential ideal of "here and now" and relationships with others and the world.

Transformational games ( Satori, Tambolia, Leela)

  Each of these game is a powerful interactive tool which provides a way of understanding and transforming the way you play your life. It shows you the kind of experiences you create, how you react to them and how you can change your responses to realize your highest potential and achieve your goals.

As you play a game you become more aware both of your personal strengths and of the limitations you place on yourself.