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  Healing of incidents from the past

  Today I want to talk about the most important aspects of working with the subconscious mind - this is the healing of incidents from the past.

   Why in life something doesn’t turn out the way a person wish?

   The answer may seem obvious: because he does not have the skills, beliefs,

faith in himself or some other qualities. In fact this is only partially true.

 Let’s take a deeper look at the issue.

For example, we can talk about self-confidence. 

  Why most attempts to build self-confidence fail or doesn’t last long?

  To get started, let's look at the mechanics of what is happening.

 Very often, we don’t even suspect that the little things that happened to us in childhood which seem to have been completely forgotten may spoil our life.

Usually, it could be a very strong emotional traumatic childhood experience.

Children can’t analyze, can’t use logic, nor draw the necessary conclusions.

They only can learn from examples, observations and feelings, this gives them the opportunity to gain experience for a future life.

  Sometimes a little things that seems as nonsense to adults can turn into a real emotional trauma for them: the parents took the favorite toy from the child, and he cried all night. Or the boy was punished for what he did not do.

Or it was a parental aloud disagreement that a little girl watched, and

it really scared her, it can be any event that the child perceives in his own way. 

  In these moments the stress is so strong, that in order to survive it, this experience gets subconsciously blocked in the memory to save the entire nervous system.

This is the same as during an epidemic, infected area gets isolated to save the rest.

  In the human this blocked part that should be responsible, for example,

for confidence is stuck in one of the incidents in the past. 

   It turns out that with every strong negative emotional experience,

a person losing resources, strength, the ability to achieve something.

  Fortunately, using the methods of working with the subconscious mind,

we can find and heal these episodes and return the necessary resources

to person’s possession. 

This is the easiest and fastest way to build your confidence or any other missing qualities. 

When an episodes are “healed”, you’ll regain blocked strength, abilities, and skills.

You’ll become stronger emotionally, you will have more acceptance and love, enthusiasm and abilities, desires and confidence.

  In my sessions we will work with the subconscious mind.

I will help you find in the past events in which your resources are stuck and return these resources back to you. 

One of the many methods that I have in my possession are metaphorical associative pictures - this is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to find forgotten episodes and resolve them.

Also, you’ll get an individual tailored to your specific needs practice,

that you can use in the future to heal yourself!