About Procrastination
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    You are probably familiar with a situation where: you need to do something, but you don’t want to do anything. We usually call it laziness.

    Your inner voice is saying: "I must get up, I must do that ..." But there is no strength to get up, or do something. You feel apathy and weakness.

 Of course, we can force ourselves to do things, but it would be a violation of your subconscious comfort. 

   It will take a lot of energy from you and the result will be less satisfying. 

 I propose an unusual solution to this problem and maybe after listening you will change your approach to procrastination. 

    We have many acquired stereotypes. Procrastination is one of them. It usually comes from childhood. As children, we heard from our parents: "You must study hard, you have to engage in sports, you must be attentive", etc

     Under such parental appeal, a sub-personality was created within us 

we can call it our "obedient inner child".

        At the same time we establish another sub-personality, which tried to postpone the execution of parental guidance "Time to go to bed!” “I’ll go after I finish reading." We can call this sub-personality "stubborn Inner Child" this is our habit of reacting to parental commands.


    Often, "laziness" is the result of a conflict between two sub-personalities, they are fighting inside us - none of them want to  surrender - the first requires the execution of a command, the second resists.       Such a struggle takes a lot of vitality. 

The only way to stop the struggle is inwardly allow the Stubborn Inner Child to do what he wants, then the resistance disappears along with laziness.

     You don’t have to believe me - try it.

    This is a very useful practice, and it has a wide range of possibilities - it’s not only a cure for laziness, it’s well suited for any unwanted behaviors, treating some health problems, getting out of conflicts and much more.

    Below you will find the steps how to perform this technique. 

  Try and let me know how it worked for you.  

 This method is very effective and can be used for many different occasions

Here are the steps for this technique:

  1. Find a quiet place, get comfortable and close your eyes

  2. Think about your current situation and the undesirable behavior you would like to work on right now.

  3. Imagine your stubborn inner child who sabotages what needs to be done

  4. Give this part a name

  5. Imagine the situation in details and observe what role this part plays there.

  6. Call this part by name and tell it that you allow it to do whatever it wants to do as long as it’s needed.

  7. Watch how it behaves after you’ve given it permission, did it start acting differently?

  8. Once you see the behavior has changed in a favorable direction you can open your eyes, take a deep breath in and out.

                You are done!