How to cope with negative emotions.
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We, as humans have a great privilege, we have emotions and feelings. 

They play a huge role and have great power in our lives and it’s important to understand the essence of them.  

  Emotions are our signaling system. If they have arised, it means something has not reached

the level of our awareness.

All kinds of emotions are necessary for us to live our life in full spectrum. 

    If we would have only positive emotions, it would put us is the risk of losing an adequate perception - 

that would be wrong.

On the other hand, negative emotions - Despite the fact it’s not very pleasant to feel them, it’s important to experience them.

However, they cannot be ignored, otherwise they may ultimately lead us to failure, pain and breakdowns.

    we cannot destroy them, we cannot turn them off, nor can we control them

  But we can learn to acknowledge our emotions and feelings, and begin to regulate them through awareness. 


Sometimes it’s hard to deal with negative emotions 

when they overwhelm us in an unpleasant situation. 

    We may not be able to change a situation, but the least we can do is change our attitude, which in the end may improve the situation itself.


    Below you can find a few exercises that may help you deal with this.

Despite the apparent simplicity, you can get a lot of benefits, such as

You will remove yourself from pointless "self-digging", 

You will reach a state of “here and now”;

 Also, your mood will improve and you’ll see the situation differently.


Stop being a slave to your emotions, become their master.

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I am not my emotions.

   Your emotions and thoughts come and go, they move through you

 like clouds floating across the sky. 

    Sometimes it’s enough to realize that “I am not my emotions”.

Do this:

 Openly acknowledge the presence of the emotion 

Tell yourself: "This is anger" or: "This is fear" - notice how this allows you to pull away from this emotion. 

Do not say “I’m angry” or “I’m afraid” - by  associating the emotion with yourself you strengthening it.

         Try to realize that emotions and thoughts are not you!

 View from above.

   When a difficult situation occurs, imagine that you are a fly sitting on the ceiling and watching the whole situation from above.

       Once you imagine this, you become an indifferent observer. 

This will remove significance from the situation - everything including yourself,

all the people in this situation and the situation itself may seem funny and ridiculous.     

This will help to instantly go beyond the emotional tension.

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