Our unique look at overweight.

 Everyone knows that weight very well decreases with stress. 
Most often, you lose weight during a diet and exercise,  because it is stress for you .
Such weight loss will inevitably lead to an even greater weight gain. 
    Basically, all known weight loss methods are built on the effect on the body
and/or implementing a new vision (affirmation, meditation, hypnoses, etc). 
  We think that any changes in the body at the beginning have a definite reason. 
And maybe, the person does not get fat from the fact that he eats a lot,
but he eats more then needed, because there is an inner need that makes him to do so.
    We better deal with root cause, and not force ourselves with diets and hunger.  Correction of nutrition and some restrictions may be needed, but this is secondary.
  Also, before adapt a new vision, you need to understand which 
old beliefs influence and control you and why. 
What causes your body to gain and retain layers of fat at the first place?  What we have experienced and forgotten is still stored in the form of sensations in the body.
   If the old beliefs are still relevant, the new vision may go against the old one and this will create new internal conflicts.

   Excess weight in nature is just an adaptation to many different  situations. 
Understanding the causes of changes in the body allows you to find the deep

signals that the brain sends to the body for weight gain. 
                                 We know how to change these signals!

   The body has two different systems for obtaining energy:

from food and from own fat stores. 
                                 We know how to switch to fat burning.

   When there was a reason to have excess weight, your subconscious will

do everything to gain it. 
           You should not fight with subconscious mind, you should find and settle the cause.

We work on three levels:

Consciousness - Mind - Body


   The clarity of what is happening will allow you to stop blindly fight body fat, but

by understanding the mechanisms of weight gain you'll get an opportunity to find

the right ways to solve the issue. 

We have knowledge and tools to help you achieve this!


  Excess weight is an external reflection of your inner state.

Body uses excess weight to adapt and protect you in many cases. 
Everyone has their own reasons for this.

   We know how and will help you to recognize these reasons and rework them! 


 The conflict between a conscious desire to lose weight and a subconscious desire to protect you by gaining weight - creates an endless struggle in which the body suffers.       

  To free the body from the fat mass, we must resolve the confrontation and help the body burn fat without hunger and stress.     

Our task is to resolve all internal resistance. 

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