My story

     My name is Irene Sher.

 I am originally from Eastern Europe. I've now lived in the USA for many years.

   About 20 years ago, I found myself

in a bad emotional state, with broken relationships and a bad attitude

toward life.

  That was what prompted me to start on a journey that took me around

the world on a path of self discovery,

I learned with many masters of various disciplines and schools of thought. 

    I collected a great deal of knowledge

which helped me to turn my life around.

   I rebuilt my relationships with a loving husband and a wonderful, supportive

daughter, and a circle of great friends.

All with small problems and issues

of their own.

   They were my initial guinea pigs for the new tools I had learned during

my travels. 

  Some of the techniques I use are based on ideas of the following physiologists and philosophers: David J. Grove, Matisse Burish, Rake Hummer, Simon Rose, Gilbert Renau, Allen Walter, Eric Burn, Steven Carpman, and Zivorad Slavinski.

    I have now spent many years, testing, perfecting and implementing these highly specialized techniques to helping hundreds of satisfied customers overcome stressful and difficult life events and situations, fix imperfect relationships & help remove roadblocks to achieving desires and goals. Many of my former clients come back to me and say they can hardly believe how their life changed for the better after working with me.

    I support and guide people who are interested in improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being by using unique, non-traditional techniques.

    Unlike traditional 'talk therapy' or 'cognitive therapy' or other 'labelled'  psychotherapies, my methods tends

to be much more experiential and

existential and attempt to work much

more at an authentic or ‘felt’ level,

working with the person and their ‘felt sense’ of Self.

My Philosophy

  Our living space is tuned to us, to our consciousness and subconscious.

  The external world is a kind of mold of the our inner world. If something changes inside, then the surrounding space instantly reacts to it and begins to gradually rebuild.

    The purpose of my work is to bring the internal situation into balance in a constructive and positive way. Then, after such changes, the external world of a person also changes.


What you can expect

   During our initial consultation, I will use my expertise to understand your concern and  put together a custom plan of action that we will use together to address the issues you are having.

    If you are experiencing an acute emotional problem, we will work together to address it in one session; other, more complex issues might take several sessions to work through.

    My goal is always to keep our sessions very fun, lighthearted, and easy - even when life doesn’t seem so fun at the moment.

     Methods I use to resolve an issue are 100% customized according to client’s needs.

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